We’re a progressive Art department with skills & techniques developed from core foundation skills – drawing, painting, collage, printing, textiles, 3D & photography. We have 3 Art staff in the department (2 full time & 1 part time) with specialisms in Art & Design (Fine Art) Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, Observation, Gestural & Expressive Drawing (including more contemporary ‘mark-making’ approaches to visual recording). Our aim is to reignite our pupils’ confidence & passion for self expression through the ‘visual arts’. We set out to rekindle their desire to be creative, to share their imaginative ideas, to ‘play’ confidently with materials & techniques, for the joy of the process or experience of making/creating… By engaging our youngest pupils in a range of pupil led projects, we enable them to explore core creative skills & techniques without them even realising they’re being taught how to ‘be artistic’. They become more confident explorers, decision-makers, problem-solvers. They become less reluctant to investigate new materials & try new techniques. They become less afraid of failure through exploration of the unknown & become more appreciative of experimentation for its own sake… Transferable, creative, life skills that equip them for adult life, whatever professional direction that may take. We see Art education, not as a recreational tool but as an integral part of our pupils’ creative, imaginative, academic intellectual development. With over 40 years teaching experience between us, we’re a formidable & passionately committed team of artist practitioners, whose fundamental remit is to share the passion for Art with our pupils/students. Without fear of too much bias, I would have to say that the quality & depth & variety of work we create with our pupils is some of the best Art work I have seen, but don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourselves & please feel free to share your feedback with the artists. We’re fairly new to blogging, but I intend to ‘spread the word’ proudly in relation to further developments of WGSG’s artistic developments & hope you’ll enjoy following our future students on their creative journeys… 🎨🎓🏆🎉✨

imagePapier-mâché painted bowls